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General Real Estate News

Florida cities top in nation for home price increases!

January 2014 Home buying starts with a boom!

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U.S. New-Home Sales Rise in October 2013

Interest Rates on the rise in December with an average of 4.29%

Housing Sector to Lead 2014 Recovery!

November 26th Weekly Economic News Update:

October Sales: Florida Real Estate Market Continues on Positive Track

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You’re Buying From A Foreign Seller You Should…

Economic News In Review November 12th

Florida 3rd quarter housing continues to climb!

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Florida Flood Rate concerns

Must Do Steps To Selling A Home:

Florida Realtors’ Residential Price Index 1995-2013: The Rise, Fall, and Recovery!

Florida’s Overall Market Strength

Home Flipping October Report

Fannie Mae Changes Mortgage Loan Downpayments from 3% to 5%

Housing Market Strength

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September Housing Market Stats for Sarasota County, Florida

Sarasota Prices Rise 30% Year Over Year…

Trulia Report on Market Status

Revising Of Financing Contingency in FL RE Contract

Housing Recovery Now In Phase 3!

Tips for Selling a Home

Home Buying Tips

President Obama Answers Your Questions on the Housing Market

Mortgage Market Review August 19th, 2013

Slowdown in Home Prices?? No Worries!

Home Prices across the country pick up steam!

Power of Attorney

Mortgage Market News for August 2013 

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U.S. Home sales Up Near 2.3% in April

Turning Point: Over 50% of Americans Expect Home Prices to Rise!

4 Low Down Payment Loan Options for Buyers

Consumer Confidence Bouncing Back!

Economic Impact of Real Estate Activity: By NAR Research March 2013

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National Supply of Homes Is On The Rise!

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National Home Prices Take Biggest Leap In 7 Years

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Florida Home Owner’s Insurance…What you need to KNow!

Warren Buffett on today’s Real Estate Market!

Understanding CDD & HOA Fees!


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